Love and Gratitude


The name for this blog ´rainbow in my clouds´ was inspired by Maya Angelou and the advice she gives to Oprah Winfrey whenever she is encountering any difficult terrain in her life.  Maya says instead of crying/worrying/complaining about what has happened, thank God for your rainbow because even though you may not be able to see it yet or realize it, a rainbow is coming into your life.

We´ve all experienced times in our life when things didn´t go as planned no matter how hard we tried/worked/studied/prayed, but with hindsight we often look back and realize it turned out for the best and led us onto a more rewarding and fulfilling path that originally we had not thought of or realized possible.

Psychological research has shown that we are bad predictors of what will make us happy and how we will feel if we obtain certain goals/achievements and possessions in our lives.  Therefore, it´s in our best interest to live in gratitude for what we do have and to look out for the rainbows in our lives.  Enjoy the present moment, let go off the past and keep only in the present what serves us best and begin creating our future in the now; as the future never comes, it is always now and that is our present, our rainbow in the sky 🙂


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