Inner Wisdom


Happiness depends upon ourselves. —Aristotle

Life is a paradox.  Carl Jung highlighted this in his work saying the very things that bring us happiness like family, relationships, friends, work are paradoxically the very things that can cause our pain and suffering.  For this reason Buddhism teaches us the art of detachment, living in the present moment in peace and harmony with whatever is.  A difficult task for many when our culture and society rewards and encourages a certain linear set of successes to be achieved at certain points throughout life and anything less than perfect will just not do.

An interesting article by Alex Lickerman on the Psychology Today blog writes that our lives are constantly revolving around whatever person/goal/situation we are obsessed about or are devoting our life to in that moment which when it is not going well is the cause of all our suffering and affects all aspects of our life.  To remedy this, Lickerman looks to Buddhism which teaches us to nurture and practice using our inner wisdom.  Choosing to devote ourselves to being the best we can be by growing our inner wisdom and learning from our experiences instead of staying attached to ideas/goals/people that may not be for our best interests.  By choosing to cultivate wisdom in ourselves on a daily basis, it will help all areas of our life grow and expand and with clarity make better informed decisions that not only benefit ourselves but are for the highest good of all concerned.

When we decide to reclaim our inner power, we make a definite shift in our lives that helps us to constantly create new realities for ourselves as we begin to realize that nothing in life is fixed or for forever,  that moment by moment we are all malleable; thus we take better control of our own happiness and no matter what happens, we can make the best of a situation and apply our own inner wisdom to overcome anything.

Here is the link to Alex Lickerman´s article:

It is only possible to live happily ever after on a daily basis. —Margaret Bonanno


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