Envisioning your Future


We are all capable of anything. Dr. Gordon Livingston.

I invite you to sit quietly with your heart or go for a walk in nature and ponder over what fills your heart with love and joy? What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? What are your passions in life? What do you want your life to look like and how to you want to contribute to the lives of others?

Whatever answers/ideas/thoughts rose up inside your heart, I highly recommend taking one of the many webinar and love-inar virtual sessions offered by Veronica Krestow to help mentor and support your process in bringing to fruition all that belongs in your heart.  Sessions begin with meditation and grounding, setting intentions to work towards that week, teaching relevant skills, and mentoring through the virtual sessions collectively and individually by email.  A copy of the mediations, guided visualizations and a copy of the session is recorded and sent to your email as well as any hand outs relevant to the work in the sessions.  Please check out Veronica´s website for further information. http://veronicakrestow.com/Home.html

To get a feel for Veronica and her work or if you are not able to take any of her courses at this current time, Veronica shares very openly and honestly about her life and how she tries to stay living in her joy and gratitude and shares many tips, tools, and strategies to help inspire every one along their journey in life.

Here is a recent video I recommend:


For any one struggling to discover what they really want in life I recommend a technique that Dr. Raj Persaud writes about in The Motivated Mind called the Perfect Day exercise.  This exercise helps you to recognise what motivates you that you might not consciously be aware of and this information can be used to better guide your life in the direction you really want to go in.

To begin the Perfect Day exercise, you need to allow your imagination to run wild and flow, let ideas and thoughts come without any judgement or forcing particular images to come to mind.  Imagine I give you a blank canvas where for one day you can live your perfect day any where in the world, with any one in the world, or even by yourself if that is what comes up for you, you can have any job, do any activity, live any kind of life you want to for one whole day – your perfect day.  If you are not used to using your imagination it might take you a few tries to get into it.  Just let your imagination run loose.

Imagine your Perfect Day in as much detail as possible – where do you wake up, what does the room look like, what do you smell, what are you wearing, do you wake up alone or with someone beside, what do you do next, what do you eat for breakfast, what does it taste like, do you go to work, what day is it, what is the weather like etc. Basically live the day out in as much detail as possible minute by minute and really notice with all your senses everything you want to experience.  Remember this is your perfect day, there are no wrong answers and no one is going to hear about your perfect day so allow your imagination to flow with whatever comes up for you.  I will reveal at the end of this post an analysis to help you uncover your true motivations.  The idea is not that your perfect day will come true if you are disappointed that this couldn´t happen for you in real life, and nor is the point to then try and create this perfect day in your life now.  The exercise just helps to uncover our unconscious motivations which can help guide our real-life goals in the right direction.

An example, you might look taller/prettier, you might be married to Tom Cruise, own your own island, play for Real Madrid, win an Oscar, be a world-class chef, live in Paris, speak five languages, be a superstar, play the piano, spend all day at the beach, be a maths wiz, be a kinder person, have ten people in love with you at the same time, write a book, save humanity from hunger, create a new invention etc.   Please try the exercise first before reading the analysis at the end of the post.  You will miss out on revealing important self-knowledge about yourself if you skip ahead before trying it first.

Another revealing exercise you can try which Sonja Lyubomirsky highlights in her book The How of Happiness is the Best Possible Selves diary.  It has empirically shown to enhance well-being.  Spend between 20-30 minutes visualizing your life in one, five or ten years time and imagining what your life will look like knowing that everything has turned out perfectly, that you worked hard and achieved all you wanted to do or become. Writing can be insightful and until you start writing you never really know what is going to flow.  It may surprise you the life you envision yourself living in the future.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined.  Henry David Thoreau

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. – Robin Williams

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!
― Audrey Hepburn

Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso



***WARNING only read after trying the Perfect Day exercise***

What does the Perfect Day exercise reveal about you?

In Dr. Raj Persaud´s book The Motivated Mind he gives two examples of people who came to him with problems and he used the Perfect Day exercise to figure out what their real motivations revealed that helped to solve their problems.

Example one: A highly successful career woman who has achieved all the career goals she had wanted came to Dr. Persaud for problems with depression because she had nothing to be sad about and couldn´t figure out what was keeping her feeling down.  The Perfect Day exercise revealed that she spent most of the day singing lead soprano at the New York Metropolitan Opera despite having never sung in her life.  The exercise revealed her passion for singing and she joined an amateur opera group and her depression lifted because she had found her joy, her passion.

Example two: A novelist came to Dr. Persaud because he had problems with finishing writing his novel and he couldn´t figure out why.  The Perfect Day exercise revealed that he was friends with the Spice Girls, owned his own island, was playing world-class football and living a rich and wealthy lifestyle.  Not one thing in his perfect day related to writing or publishing a book.  The exercise revealed that he only saw writing as a means to an end, a way of creating wealth if he sells a lot of books and a way of becoming famous and well-known.  He was having trouble finishing his book because he is not passionate about writing.  His real goal is to acquire wealth and prestige and there are many different ways to accomplish that.  It doesn´t mean that because he is not passionate about writing that his goal won´t happen but it helps explain his writing block and lack of enthusiasm for his writing projects. Perhaps he might be able to also find other means that he finds more interesting that also lead to wealth and fame.

I hope your Perfect Day helps you in your future endeavours.


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