Positive Ripple


If you can change the way people think. The way they see themselves. The way they see the world. If you do that, you can change the way people live their lives. That’s the only lasting thing you can create.
— Chuck Palahniuk

Positive Ripple is a monthly post sharing an *uplifting resource link* to an article, podcast, video, inspiring story, book, and so forth, to cause a positive rippling effect, spreading the love and work of individuals and groups that encourage and lift us to optimise our brain, create neurogenesis, and sapere aude (dare to be wise).

Carl Jung wisely wrote that there are no solutions to our problems; they can only be outgrown by evolving our own consciousness.  Positive Ripple is about expanding and interconnecting our collective and individual consciousness; it is kindness and altruism that have kept the planet and human race alive and growing through learning and storytelling.  We weave a golden thread of gratitude that creates the tapestry of life connecting and supporting us all through conscious acts of kindness, love, compassion and by sharing and helping others *thrive*.

This month´s chosen uplifting resource is an interview with author and lecturer Tal Ben-Shahar (he taught the largest course at Harvard on positive psychology)  about the 101 on positive psychology brought to us by Entheos. Sign-up for free and join Brian Johnson, CEO of Entheos and creator of PhilosophersNotes, for 30 minute interviews with some of the world’s wisest teachers/leaders, inspiring, smart, super practical goodness for Optimal Living – 101 .

I´m sure since the emergence of positive psychology, you probably feel you have heard all there is on the topic, such as think positive, optimistic people live longer, smile more, keep a gratitude diary, repeat affirmations and so forth.  The interview with Tal Ben-Shahar may offer some additional advice on creating a happier you than is often heard.  Have a listen for tips like the following:

  • Happiness equation = pleasure + growth (present & future perspectives).
  • Create happiness rituals in order to manifest lasting change in your life.
  • Find out how sport and keeping fit helped Tal overcome his ADHD diagnosis since childhood and how exercise can be even more effective than medications; plus exercise comes with the added bonus of creating neurogenesis in the brain.
  • Why Tal encourages his students to *fail* more often? Research and law of averages shows that everyone has to fail sometimes and that the top scientists are all the ones that fail most often at complex and simple activities.
  • Recommends meditation as one of your happiness rituals in order to become more resilient to cope with life´s inevitable highs and lows.
  • Top key advice from Tal: *be realistic*; the world is paradoxically good and loving, as well as painful and suffering, but this is part of being human and makes us all perfectly imperfect.

Have you tried any of Tal´s tips for a happier you and how have they affected your life? Do you have any tips of your own that have helped you overcome challenges, create new habits or change your life in a more positive and life-affirming way?


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